Tune-Out and Tune In!

PhilaMOCA transforms Tuesday nights into an evening of music and movies


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Tuesday Tune-Out
531 North 12th St.

If you’re looking for a good way to spend a free Tuesday night, what better way than to enjoy an evening of music and a movie with some local bands and music lovers alike? Each Tuesday in May, the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Arts (PhilaMOCA) will be hosting an installment of a new series entitled: Tuesday Tune-Out at PhilaMOCA.

Each night of the series, there will be a performance by two bands, followed by a screening of a film chosen by one of the band members. And for a surprise twist, the film to be shown will not be revealed until the evening of.
Paul Brown, co-organizer of the series, explained to me the motivation for the concept: “Eric [Bresler] is a big film buff. So he figured, why not make a low key combination of live music and a film screening, because who doesn’t love both of those things?” Eric Bresler is the director/currator at PhilaMOCA and the founder of the local film festival Cinedelphia.

The first event in the series featured local indie rockers Hurry, and the more upbeat Literature, both exemplifying two very different styles of the broad genre of indie rock music. Hurry plays dreamy, washed out, slow melodies, while Literature comes harder with a more retro rock and roll style. Following the bands’ respective sets, Hurry frontman, Matt Scottoline, chose the film “White Men Can’t Jump” as the evenings entertainment.

May 14th’s, Tuesday Tune-Out was headlined by multi-instrumentalist Jesse Sparhawk. Primarily a guitarist, Sparhawk was accompanied by an ensemble of 15 instruments, including a harp, lap steel, clarinet, two banjos, guitar synth, and drums by opener Strawberry Hands—all performing an improvisational set. The music was played alongside some experimental footage, which took the place of the movie for the night. “Musician and filmmaker Zach Wessler put together the synths and footage which was played during the improv set” Brown explained.

Don’t miss the fourth and final Tuesday Tune-Out on May 28th. The event will feature two New York City bands, Desert Stars and Heaven. Desert Stars’ music accurately lives up to the feeling conveyed by their name, with a sleepy, shoe-gazy sound, while Heaven maintains the spacey feel with their blend of acoustic and electric instrumentation. This time, Desert Stars will be showing a series of handpicked short films.

Yvynyl, a Philadelphia-based blogger, who has been running a widely successful music blog for seven years, is presenting the event. The blog features a wide array of music tracks, videos, and pictures all with informative insight by Yvynyl himself.

Each event is expected to be an intimate evening, where audience members are encouraged to mingle among band members rather than just see them on stage. Tuesday Tune-Outs serve to create a more interactive experience for visitors apposed to that of a traditional concert.

With one more chance to experience May’s Tuesday Tune-Outs, there is no reason not to attend!

Nick Sukiennik is a sophomore Chemical Engineering Major at Drexel University.

Images courtesy of popturf.com via Flicker Commons